Cycling Routes

Experience the island’s culture, history and wonderful scenery from the saddle of a bike.

A cycle tour enables you to come across things which you would probably miss from inside a car. A chance encounter with a local, a stunning landscape to linger over, the sights and sounds of nature from up close, an ancient ruin or a secluded cove.
Follow one of the many cycling routes or even make your own. Set the pace you desire whether training or leisure and feel your lungs with fresh air while making your bit to fight global warming and protect the environment.

Cycling Hundreds of Kilometers of Bike Trails

Cyprus is a biker’s paradise and it’s not just because of the guaranteed sunshine. Granted the excellent weather conditions prevailing on the island mean cycling can be enjoyed almost throughout the year. And, unlike other European or Mediterranean countries, strong headwinds are rare.

But it is the island’s compactness that is its main attraction, offering rapid changes of terrain and scenery on even the shortest bike trails. Within the space of 10 km you can go from rocky to clay, and steep to flat, enabling you to experience all surfaces within a short period of time, and making the island into one huge mountain bike arena.

A number of bike centres are available on the island offering rental services, route information, guide assistance and support. They can organise your journey to take you through a varied landscape combining mountain views, rugged coastlines, tranquil vineyards and olive groves and fascinating ancient ruins.

Important International and Local Cycling Events

Great weather, challenging country trails and ideal infrastructure make Cyprus the perfect place for mountain bikers. Competitive riders from all over the world come to the island to hone their skills and collect points or win prize money.
The Cyprus Cycling Federation, a member of the International Cycling Union (UCI) organises a number of competitions throughout the year. Cyprus Sunshine Cup is an international series of five Mountain Bike events held under the auspices of UCI (Union Cyclist International). The events are organised during spring every year and it covers many areas of the island. The courses of the events are designed in a way to suit the abilities of top elite riders but also give pleasure to the fun and leisure bikers.

In addition “Podilatokinisis”, as well as the Lemesos (Limassol) Cycling Club, hold various non racing cycling activities where everyone is welcome. So if cycling sounds like too much hard work, just come and watch and join in the fun on a great day outdoors.